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“In Four weeks I attracted over 30 enquiries and I had four offers on the table using this system. Four weeks after that the new owner took over the business and I had the money in the bank.”

Let me explain how this happened:

In 2004, I decided to sell my maintenance business. It was employing seven people, turning over good money and making a very good profit. Like most business owners, I had never sold a business before and didn’t know where to start. I opened up the Yellow Pages (which was the place to go at the time) and made appointments with several brokers.

After choosing a broker that I thought was right for the job, a few months later I had received very few inquiries and had no offers or hope of any offers to come in the future. I could not understand why I had a problem selling my profitable business that I didn’t even have to work full-time in.

Having had extensive marketing and sales experience, I decided to sell the business myself. I thought hard about what buyers wanted to know and where could I find them. I purchased a dozen books on selling businesses and talked to as many people as I possibly could. I put a marketing and sales plan in place and started selling my buinesss myself.

In four weeks I had four offers and four weeks later I sold my business.

This experience made me realise that if you take a structured and commonsense approach to selling businesses, you can repeat these results again and again. So, following my success, in 2006 I opened a business broking agency. Since then, my team and I have achieved numerous successful sales and great results for our clients.

Within this successful system however I started to notice a pattern: the smallest businesses, the ones under $100,000, were really struggling on the open market. For those businesses, it often wasn’t feasible for them to pay brokers fees in order to sell their business. For a $30,000 business sale, some of these smallest businesses were spending over 40% of their selling price on brokers and solicitors’ fees. It didn’t make any financial sense for them to pay a broker to sell their business.

And so the idea for “How to Sell a Small Business: The 7 Step guide to Selling your Business” was born.

Since 2008 my team and I have been working on this book, pouring every bit of our experience, knowledge and know-how into it. And now, years after it was first envisaged, How to Sell a Small Business is a reality. Selling a business isn’t easy, but it isn’t a mystery. People are paying me tens of thousands of dollars commission each time I sell a business. The same systems and processes used in my agency are now available to you for just $59.95 in an easy to follow 7-step guide book.

Good luck with your business sale.

By Zoran Sarabaca
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